Maximilián Hell Planetarium and Observatory is a cultural and educational organisation, which is primarily focused on educating in Nature Sciences. First of all, it is focused on Astronomy and then also on other related Natural and Technical Sciences. The main building is based in Žiar nad Hronom and two external departments are located in Banská Bystrica and Rimavská Sobota. Our founder is BBSK.

The primary goal of our activity is a formation of scientific knowledge, development of positive approach to nature and increasing general education of public, especially that of children and adolescents. Our activity is concentrated on the requirements of the local region, though there are activities that range out of it. The spectrum of offered programs consists of various adjusted programs for school excursions and the public.

Astronomical tours in Planetarium involve demonstration of astronomical phenomenon on artificial sky in planetarium, popular-scientific and professional lectures, movie projections or observing day and night skies through telescope. Lectors also do advising, consulting and publishing activities. We organise astronomy lessons for children and amateur astronomers and support students writing scientific seminary works.

Observation activities of our organisation concentrate on elaboration, interpretation and popularised publications. We collaborate with other observatories in Slovakia- Slovak central observatory Hurbanovo, Astronomical Institute Slovak academy of Sciences, Astronomical Institute Czech Academy of Sciences, Slovak Astronomical Society, Czech Astronomical Society, Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, schools and other institutions in Slovakia.

KHaP Maximiliána Hella v Žiari nad Hronom
96501 Žiar nad Hronom, Dukelských hrdinov 1298/21/A
Contact us:
Phone: 045 – 6700 888
E-mail: info@planetarium.sk