There are three specific halls in our building:

Lecture hall

is the biggest hall with capacity of 70 seats for visitors. It serves for lectures, video-projections, seminars, contests and other culture events. It is fully air-conditioning equipped with modern audio-visual technique.

UFO hall

is a multipurpose air-conditioned hall in which you may experience onboard alien space vessel atmosphere. In addition to projection surface, sound system is also equipped with globes, maps and other illustrative devices, which serve to demonstrate celestial mechanics and describe the celestial bodies. It is intended primarily for interactive communication with smaller amount of visitors. It is mainly children of preschool age, first grade elementary schools and astronomical clubs that spend time in the hall. The capacity of the hall is 30-40 seats.

Sci-fi hall

This hall is situated in basement of planetarium building. It is a polyfunctional hall with exhibit panels and area of approx. 100 m2. Hall is utilized as exhibition area and is used as a venue of occasional events.

KHaP Maximiliána Hella v Žiari nad Hronom
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