Astronomical observatory is equipped with main the telescope Maksutov-Cassegrain with mirror diameter 202 mm and focal length 2200 mm. It is used for observing night sky objects. During the day light, the dynamic phenomena in solar atmosphere (prominences, filaments) is demonstrated by solar H-alpha LUNT telescope with diameter of 60 mm and focal length of 500 mm.

LUNT was purchased by a grant programme foundation of SPP and financial support of BBSK in 2012. System of both telescopes is constructed on fully automatised mount Losmandy HGM Titan 50:1 equipped with GO-TO system.

Along with sightseeing, the terrace serves observatory for public and expert observations. It also enables watching astronomical objects on screen directly in observatory, or on large-scale projection in lecture hall. There is range of instruments complemented by mobile astronomical technique for external observations and astronomical clubs.

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